Cipriani Food Egg Delicate Proteins Pasta

Cipriani Food Egg Delicate Proteins Pasta

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Cipriani Food Egg Delicate Protein Pasta is a pasta that fears no rival for delicacy and texture upon cooking. Its secret lies in the dough, which is an element shared by all Cipriani pasta. This pasta is more delicious when you gratinate it with a bit of cooked ham/Kosher or dressed with butter and parmesan.

Loaded with protein, this pasta is thin and combines traditional taste and texture with modern nutrition rules. Balance, energy and naturalness are the qualities of this unique pasta. With its unique taste, this is the right pasta for every occasion.
Ingredients: durum wheat bean, 7 category "A" eggs, (25%) per kg

Cooking: 2 minutes
Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy.
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