'RAVELLO' Dolceterra Limoncello of Sorrento Jar

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'RAVELLO' Dolceterra Limoncello of Sorrento Jar 16.9 fl.oz. Hand-painted Vietri Ceramic Orcio.

At Dolceterra we believe that true passion for quality and genuine love for tradition can be found anywhere. In a sound, a voice, a fragrance, a color. 
Open your eyes and hearts, come and discover why at Dolceterra we believe that Love is Yellow.
Dolceterra is proud to celebrate Spring with our first branded Limoncello.
A limited edition of handcrafted and hand-painted Vietri ceramic bottles filled with the best Italian Limoncello of Sorrento tradition.
The bottle has been designed and crafted in ceramics by the skilled hands of Vietri artists, to exalt tradition and guarantee the highest quality standards to our new, first class product.
Limoncello Dolceterra
The creation of Limoncello is based on traditional process utilizing advanced technologies that are of the highest standards found today. Automation has replaced the laborious hand peeling of lemons by devoted Sorrento women. During immersion, the alchemistical characteristics from the region’s exclusive volcanic soil are invoked as the magical transformation of Gioia Luisa Lemoncello begins. Within a short period, the enhanced flavors of the special skins penetrate the simple alcohol. The process is natural yet very delicate. 
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