Original Sorrento Handmade Painted Glasses

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An after lunch, or leisure time set to enjoy your favorite liquors with friends or family. These small glasses are the perfect companion for pairing with the Limoncello of Sorrento, Dolceterra iconic bottle. The material is completely food-safe.

Our line “Memoritaly Glasses”, is all about a home with spirit and sophistication. 
Inspired by breathtaking Cities of Italy and it's path of gods, the spectacular scenic drives, followed by striking panoramas of Italian monuments. 
Lavish contrasting glazes of the Renaissance, are employed to enliven the Italian scenery natural palette, on entirely handcrafted Italian maiolica, with the deep, noble ultramarine of Lapis Lazuli, evoking the charm of one of the most appealing ceramics style ever produced. 
Implementing a few centerpieces, the line intends to add rich accents and stylish warmth, suiting the modern home with a taste, leaving the space for inspired customization, with its understated sophistication. 

Their exquisite quality and taste make these artisan works the perfect gift for wedding and special ceremonies.