'Limoncello Sorrento' - Hand-Painted Jar & Italy Book

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Limoncello Sorrento – Hand-painted Jar & Italy Book pack combines the best of a beautifully hand-painted Italian jar filled with Limoncello of Sorrento and Italy Book Moleskine. Sorrento is famous for the best and the most natural lemon people from around the world love. If you are looking for the most original lemon with a sweet taste and nice flavor, Limoncello of Sorrento is the best.

The Sorrento Hand-Painted jar is gorgeously designed to give your home beauty. And if you love tradition and culture, you can immerse yourself in Italian tradition and culture when you buy this Limoncello Sorrento – Hand-painted Jar & Italy Book.

Along with the Jar came Italy Book Moleskine. It is apart journal, part guidebook and part sketchbook which includes Italy fun facts and stunning photographs. Not only the jar and the book, but you will also receive a gift box so that you can use it to send this package to anyone as a gift without hassle.