Typical Tuscan Salami

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Famous around the world for its intense and unmistakable taste, Typical Tuscan Salami is a great sausage that can be perfectly paired with bread and a glass of wine. Whether it is for lunch or dinner, it is the best sausage for you, family and friends.

If you are looking for the real salami, Typical Tuscan Salami is characterized by its dark red color and the presence of grains of lard. The preparation of this tasty and aromatic salami starts with the selection of lean pork meat. The lean shoulder of pig carefully selected is nicely ground and kneaded together with salt, fat pieces, and spices including peppercorns and garlic.

Typical Tuscan Salami is stuffed into natural casings to give it a nice irresistible shape. The sausage is very aromatic and savory, and despite its long maturation, it doesn’t contain any acid. If you are looking for a lunch or dinner snack, Typical Tuscan Salami is a perfect choice.