Tuscany Ham 'Sgambato Pepatello'

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Representing the best sausage from Italy, Tuscany Ham Sgambato Pepatello is the traditional Tuscany Ham made using typical Tuscan tradition spices, pepper, and garlic. The sausage is made with 100% premium Italian pigs born, bred and slaughter and processed exclusively in Tuscany.

Whether you are filling it for sandwich or bread, this tasty meat is an excellent sausage for any occasion. Saltless bread and good red wine are the best pairings with Tuscany Ham Sgambato Pepatello. But you can enjoy it along with your favorite wine at any time of the day. This tasty meat is in great demand because of its quality, aroma and exclusive taste.

If you are after a sweet sausage that can give you the nutrition content you need, get Tuscany Ham Sgambato Pepatello today.