Tuscan Sbriciolona al Finocchio

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Prepared with tender and soft, fat and lean pork meat, Tuscan Sbriciolona al Finocchio is salami typical of Florentine Chianti. With Tuscan Sbriciolona al Finocchio nicely seasoned with natural ingredients including garlic, salt and pepper, it is flavored with fennel flower which gives it its great aroma.

If you are looking for the best meat to sweep your meal down to your intestine without any stress, Tuscan Sbriciolona al Finocchio is your top choice. You can savor the tasty sausage with bread or accompany it with a good cheese. This is one of the most peculiar salamis in the world because it is very inviting and tender in the mouth.

Taste an ancestral family recipe and enjoy its sweet aroma and taste. It is a perfect sandwich for a picnic in the open air. You can serve your guests, family and friends with this excellent sausage today.