Traditional Prosciutto Cotto

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Known as the alternative to American Ham, Traditional Prosciutto Cotto is an excellent sausage with a sweet and delicate taste. High in protein and low in fat, this highly digestible food is low in calorie and perfect for young and old. It is made from the thigh of locally bred pigs, salted and steam cooked.

Traditional Prosciutto Cotto is sweeter than American ham because it has no artificial ingredients and the skin of the Prosciutto is left on to lock in flavor and moisture. This delicious and flavourful sausage is slowly cooked and flavored with aromatic spices.

This meat is known for its sweetness, delicacy, digestibility, and aroma. If you already love American ham, tasting Traditional Prosciutto Cotto will make you want to drop American ham because this is more delicious. It is time to gather your friends or family and treat them to the best sausage in the world!