Parma Ham DOP

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Hock of Parma Ham: the most tender and sweet part of the ham.
A very delicate Parma ham, sweet and pleasant to the palate. A great and inimitable product, unique because it is good and nutritious. A winning food for its organoleptic characteristics, ideal for a correct balanced diet, with no added preservatives.

A high quality product carefully selected for those looking for the best Parma Ham.
Produced with the utmost care, with selected and salted fresh pork legs, then aged in the cellar. All these elements and the experience gained over the years make the ham one of the most appreciated and enjoyed ham in the best delicatessens and restaurants in Italy and abroad.

Parma ham is produced without colourings and preservatives, nitrites and nitrates.
It 'a food particularly rich in high quality protein easy to assimilate.

Parma ham is recommended in the diet of everyone especially children, athletes, pregnant women, slimming diets or to overcome clinical stressful situations.