Parma Ham DOP

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Prepared according to Italian culinary tradition, Parma Ham DOP Dolceterra is made from the sweetest and most tender part of the ham. It is ideal for anyone looking for a nutritious product with a sweet taste. Not only is Parma Ham DOP Dolceterra good and nutritious, but it also offers a balanced diet devoid of added preservatives.

Parma Ham DOP Dolceterra is a sweet ham sausage that will delight your taste bud. No matter your age, you will enjoy this great Italian sausage. If you want to make your family and friends happy, just get Parma Ham DOP Dolceterra, slice it and enjoy it with them.

Parma Ham DOP Dolceterra is minimally processed and naturally encased to provide you not only a sweet taste but also a nutritious sausage. Let Parma Ham DOP Dolceterra tickle your taste bud today.