Traditional Colomba

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In the heart of goodness
Bauli's sourdough is a unique process that goes through time and is renewed with each of our specialties.
We keep it with care, we work it with respect, we let it rise for 30 hours, to make it become that taste and softness that have always been our signature.
Spring is a joy every year. And every year we revive the taste of the party. It is the taste of the Colomba Classica Bauli.

Simple as in the old recipe
Because the pastry art only needs excellent ingredients to continue to tell the Easter tradition.

Ingredients: "0" type soft wheat flour, sugar, candied orange peel (15.5%) (orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar), fresh eggs, butter, natural yeast (wheat), granulated sugar (6.7%), almonds (2.2%), emulsifiers: mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, sunflower oil, rice flour, salt, powdered egg white, skimmed milk in powder, aromas. May contain other nuts and soy.

Many choices, one single excellence
Tradition offers us the grain of sugar, embellished with whole almonds and candied orange peel, generous in flavor. Nature gives us fresh eggs, selected flour and quality butter which, together with the sourdough, give softness and goodness to the dough. Only the best ingredients without preservatives, because our choices are all to be savored.

A completely natural gift
Fresh eggs, selected flour, first quality butter: we have always dedicated ourselves to choosing the best ingredients, without using preservatives. To give you all products to taste.