Tomato Sauce and Onions - DOLCETERRA

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Tomato Sauce and Onion is a delicious tomato, picked at the peak of ripeness and perfectly seasoned with onion and garlic. Made with no artificial preservatives and flavors, anyone will enjoy the premium taste and flavor of this Italian product.

This is a simple yet intensely flavored sauce that can be used in many recipes. As a perfect fat-free base Italian style tomato for your pasta sauces, soups and stews, life never tasted this delicious. Its hearty vegetable and savory sausage make it the Italian best product. That is why Tomato Sauce and Onions remain one of the top products from Italy.

With just 20 calories per 60 ml, you can enjoy the natural taste of Tomato Sauce and Onions in your favorite recipes. It is very easy to prepare and always ready to enhance the genuineness and taste of your pasta.

Tomato Sauce and Onions - DOLCETERRA from Dolceterra Italian Within on Vimeo.