Tomato and Chicory - DOLCETERRA

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Tomato and Chicory brings you the combination of egg, chicory, tomatoes, extra virgin oil, and pasta. When it comes to preparing delicious food for you, family or friends, Tomato and Chicory remain the most authentic product you need to make it flavourful, aromatic and tasty.

Both tomatoes and chicory are 100% Italian product and are combined in a natural way to make your recipe a special one. Boil your pasta, pour Tomato and Chicory in a pan and combine the two together for a sweet and aromatic meal. Whether you are preparing it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is sure to melt your taste bud.

You can also prepare bruschetta and any tomato based dish with this refreshing Tomato and Chicory. It is time to get in the kitchen and prepare a delicious meal that delights your palate.

Tomato and Chicory - DOLCETERRA from Dolceterra Italian Within on Vimeo.