Tomato and Chard - DOLCETERRA

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Low in fat but high in protein, Tomato and Chard offers everyone the delicacy of the flavourful and tasty recipe. With two premium Italian product combined to give you the best of a nutritious meal, you are sure of not only a flavourful meal but a meal that will tickle your palate.

Combine tomato, chard, fresh basil, capers, and garlic for an aroma filled and tasty meal. Both young and old love Tomato and Chard because it is sweet, nutritious and artificial preservative free. These tomatoes and chard are 100% Italian flavored and cooked for you and your family.

It is always ready to enhance the taste and genuineness of your pasta. Whenever you are looking for easy to prepare product that has no added preservatives, just grab Tomato and Chard and enjoy.

Tomato and Chard - DOLCETERRA from Dolceterra Italian Within on Vimeo.