Mangia BIO - Dolceterra Collection

Mangia BIO - Dolceterra Collection

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Curated by the experts at Dolceterra, our vast assortment of unique culinary gifts will open the door to Italy through its high-quality food and drink. Each of Italy’s 20 regions boasts its own unique culture, cuisine, and biodiversity. Our typical regional products offer a culinary journey across Italy. From north to south, Benvenuto in Italia will give tableside travelers the ticket to becoming officially Italian!

Our selection will fill the needs and indulge the fancies of everyone in your life for every occasion.

Hand-packed in a signature Dolceterra gift basket, gift includes:

  • Rectangular acacia chopping board mis.32x21x2 cm.
  • Organic Grana Padano DOP 150 gr. Agriform.
  • EU Organic Logo One Color Dark rgb EU Organic Logo One Color Light Outer Line rgb
  • PDO organic Parmesan cheese 150 gr. Agriform.
  • Organic goat caciottona in walnut leaf 300 gr. Perenzin.
  • Organic Jujube Compote 100 gr. Bio Fountain.
  • EU Organic Logo One Color Dark Outer Line rgb EU Organic Logo One Color Light rgb
  • Organic sweet and sour apple dressing 250 ml. Acetaia Leonardi.
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil 500 ml. Ballarini.
    Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy.
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