Tagliatelle - LA PASTA DI ALDO

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Tagliatelle is a bright yellow pasta made with 32% egg - a testament to its great quality. Slightly rough in texture, the Tagliatelle pasta can easily absorb flavors and sauces like no other pasta. The pasta is full-bodied enough to stand to robust flavors and sauces, but light enough to makes a great meal.

It is digestible, delicious and versatile. If you really want to enjoy it, you can serve it with freshly cracked black pepper and a knob of butter to bring out the joy of egg pasta. You can also enjoy Tagliatelle with black olives and crushed garlic, or green vegetables like artichokes and courgettes.

Tagliatelle is not only delicious and nutritious but is easy to prepare. You can make your guests or family members happy by preparing this highly nutritious pasta for them today.