Tagliatelle al Limone - LA PASTA DI ALDO

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Fragrant and pleasant, Tagliatelle al Limone evokes some extraordinarily intoxicating citrus notes that never disrupt the pleasure of the meal. When the unpredictable substance of lemon reaches your sensory receptors, the taste explodes on your palate.

This pasta is unique and you can serve it with numerous things including courgettes and artichokes, white fish-based sauces. You can also serve it with seasonings like parmesan, parsley and olive oil.

Being one of the best Italian pasta, you can serve it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, your family members and guests will love it and ask for more when you honor them with Tagliatelle al Limone.

It is not only nutritious and delicious but easy to cook. You can prepare it within 6 minutes. Show your love to your friends and family by preparing Tagliatelle al Limone for them today.