Strawberries Jam Fontana Bio

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A unique experience to try and fall in love with...
We wanted to preserve our products in glass, believing in the possibility of creating a special product, having nature as our guiding principle. From this philosophy and from an accurate research new tastes were born, unique products marked in a clear and unmistakable way by the traditional flavors.

How do we do it?
We have specialized in different processing techniques to respect the characteristics of each fruit, each vegetable and each season. We have created Quel Gusto in Più to be served with your breakfasts, aperitifs, courses and desserts.

To serve your imagination on the table.

Strawberry Jam makes both adults and children happy.
On bread and butter, fresh yoghurt, cakes, aged cheeses or lard colonnade, never miss out.
Full-bodied with the genuine and natural taste of fruit.

Ingredients: strawberries, apples and cane sugar from organic production.