Spianata Romana Salami

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Made from selected pork meat, Spianata Romana Spicy Salame is a sausage with an enticing taste enriched with red pepper and expertly balanced flavors characterized by a delicate spiciness. The Spianata offers an unmistakable aroma and characterized by a sweet and inviting taste.

Originating from Lazio, Italy, Spianata Romana Spicy Salame is made from finely minced pork, seasoned with garlic and cubes of fat, and then encased and pressed to give it a distinctive shape. This delicious sausage has a flat shape, so it should be thinly sliced to enjoy it at its best.

Spianata Romana Spicy Salame offers a great nutritional value which makes it the best sausage on the market. With this sausage been minced with salt, chili, lardo, and lean pork, it is excellent, sweet and aromatic. You can enjoy it with any wine you like while you relax on your couch. Whether it is afternoon or evening, this is the perfect sausage for you.