Salame of Norcia Balls

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Salame of Norcia Balls is a typical Italian product, wisely processed by Italian craftsman. It is made of pig shoulder, tendon and clean fat, with the addition of small pieces of nicely cut fat. After the pork meat is ground, it is mixed with salt, garlic pepper and then fat before it is stuffed into natural casings.

Salame of Norcia Balls brings you desired taste, aromatic and sausage like no other sausage. Sink your knife into it, cleanly cut it into pieces and pop in a toothpick. It is one of the most delicious salami Italy can be proud of. Of course, you don’t need to go to Italy to enjoy this tasty sausage; just make your order here and it will be delivered to your desired destination.

Whether you are buying Salame of Norcia Balls for your enjoyment or you are sending it to someone you love, you can easily make an order here. When it comes to sausages, the aroma and taste matter. Let our Salame of Norcia Balls delight your palate today!