Salame Finocchiona

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Salame Finocchiona is classic salami from Tuscany. With its soft texture and great aroma, it will delight your palate. The fennel and herbs extend their great flavors and perfectly combine with lean pork to give you the sausage that will melt in your mouth.

Salame Finocchiona is salami marbled with fat and flavored with a slightly stronger tasting wild fennel seeds. The shoulder and belly meat of the pig is coarsely ground with fat and seasoned with ground and whole pepper, Chianti red wine, salt, and garlic. The nicely mixed product is packed into a natural casing that gives it excellent shape.

If you really want to enjoy the soft, freshly flavored and matured meat, you can combine it with good wine and bread. You can use Salame Finocchiona for any occasion. So get it on the table, slice it nicely, pop in a toothpick and enjoy.