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Simple and elegant, Pumpkin Cream - ECCELLENZE DOLCETERRA is addictive. This pumpkin cream sauce with pasta is like a creamy pumpkin version of alfredo sauce. The sauce is inspired by Italy restic harvest. The artisans perfectly blend the peak harvested pumpkin, rosemary, sage, aromatic garlic and tomatoes with a touch of cream.

With a delicate hint of cinnamon and honey, this soul-warming Pumpkin Cream - ECCELLENZE DOLCETERRA will melt everyone’s taste bud. The possibilities with this excellent sauce are endless. It is ideal dressing for Italian pumpkin risotto and also as an excellent appetizer for an aperitif.

This delicacy is 100% Italian as it provides the premium aroma, flavor and tastes that tickle palate. If you have not been using this in your kitchen, this is the time to make your family enjoy a special meal.