Prosciutto Cotto 'Spalla' - Parma

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Fresh, rich in proteins, low in fat and highly digestible, Prosciuitto Cotto Spalla – Parma is made from the thighs of locally bred pigs, salted and steam-cooked to give it an excellent aroma and great taste. The pink color sausage has a delicate flavor and perfect with sandwiches, pizza, and snacks.

The salting with spices and pepper takes place according to Parma tradition without the addition of milk, dairy product, and polyphosphates. The natural ingredients combined with the premium Italian pork makes it both aromatic and delicious. This is sausage typical of several Italian regions but the Prosciuitto Cotto Spalla – Parma is different from those being produced from other regions.

Not only is it fresh, nutritious and digestible, but it also has a sweet aroma and a taste that will surely tickle your palate. In fact, you can send it to your loved ones. So if you love someone and wants to surprise them with an excellent sausage, Prosciuitto Cotto Spalla – Parma is the best choice.