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Tomato puree, ground pepperoni, water, natural spices, garlic powder, salt, extra virgin olive oil and garlic combined in one place to provide the most aromatic and tasty Italian sauce ever. Slow simmered with fresh pepperoni, this generation-old family recipe can be served with pizza.

Not only is this top Italian sauce delicious and flavourful, but it is also nutritious. Nicely made and produced under the hygienic condition, this sauce is ideal for not only pasta but all another kind of tomato sauce based recipes. It is time to enjoy the rich flavor, aroma, and taste of Italian sauce. It is an ideal dressing for pasta of all kind or a spicy appetizer for an aperitif.

If you want to surprise your guests or family with a delicious meal, Pepperoni Sauce is the ideal sauce you need. Get in the kitchen, break open this excellent sauce and prepare a nice meal.