Pecorino Sardo Cheese

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Pecorino Sardo is a sheep's milk cheese from Sardinia. Aged for 20-30 days, the ivory interior is springy with small, sparse eyes. It's youth makes it a delicate, mild cheese. A fresh, milky aroma, a mild sheep's milk flavor, and a herbal hint of lemon rounds out this young pecorino. This popular Italian cheese is loved by young and old, perfect for a cheese board yet also melts equally well. Choose a mild, fruity red or a crisp white wine.

Sardinia's Secret To Longevity: Genetics, Diet and Lifestyle

In the Mediterranean Sea, there is an island paradise rumored to have a different kind of "air" that grant longevity into the people who live there - Sardinia, an autonomous region of Italy, where scientists have been trying for years to discover the secrets of why these men and women live such long lives.

With a population of 1.6 million, Sardinia has confirmed to have the world's highest documented percentage of people who have passed the century threshold, according to the Guardian newspaper of the UK.

While scientists still can't determine whether the secret behind Sardinians' long lives is diet, lifestyle, genetics or the combination of thereof, the island's Melis family was recognized by the Guinness World Records on Tuesday for having the world's oldest combined age in a family.