Pancetta Norcia - Peppered Half

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Salted for 7 days with garlic, pepper, and salt, Pancetta Norcia – Peppered half has an intense savory taste filled with great aroma. This is raw seasoned bacon produced with a cut of fresh and thin bacon. The slowly and naturally aging process followed to produce this tasty sausage makes it a slightly peppered and tasty product.

It is delicious for any occasion and always available in a handy sausage pack. When you are out with your friends or family, Pancetta Norcia – Peppered half is an ideal sausage option. This pancetta is the Italian version of bacon and you will find it on the table of most Italians. Norcia is famous for quality pig meat that is why this tasty pork meat is most time found on the table of Italian.

Think about the aroma, think about the taste, then slice Pancetta Norcia – Peppered half and enjoy.