Orecchiette - GIUSEPPE COCCO

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Gigantic and tube-shaped, Orecchiette is an Italian pasta that allows more sauces and seasoning to flow inside the tube and enhance the dish. If you have never tasted this pasta, you are missing out on one of the best Italian pasta on the market.

If you have never eaten Orecchiette before, don’t feel ashamed. Within 18 minutes, this specially made pasta will be ready. This pasta is guaranteed not to get soggy nor lose its nutritional value.

The Orecchiette is known throughout the Apulia region in southern Italy for the iconic “orecchiette alla Barese.” It is hygienic, delicious and nutritious. Whether it is your friend, family or guests, this is the right meal and the most presentable dish you can offer them. Make them feel at home by cooking Orecchiette for your loved ones today.