Nduja - Spicy Calabrian sausage

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Originally produced in Calabria and Vibo Valentia, Nduja Spicy Calabrian Sausage has been embraced by not only the Italian but everyone from other parts of the world. The pork sausage is spiced with chili and flavor to make it aromatic and delicious. Offal from the pig including rarely used trachea, spleen, and lung are cured and dried nicely to make it more delicious.

Nduja Spicy Calabrian Sausage has received a lot of awards for its deliciousness and quality. The pigs used to make Nduja Spicy Calabrian Sausage are fed in the traditional way and then smoked before other ingredients are added. If you love great and delicious sausage, Nduja Spicy Calabrian Sausage is the most delicious Italian sausage on the market.

Wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy this Italian sausage. It is perfect for lunch and dinner. You can eat it with any wine you love. If you want to make your day a great one, grab this sausage and enjoy.