'The Spreadable Salami' - NDUJA DI SPILINGA

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NDUJA DI SPILINGA is cured spicy and tasty spreadable salami originally of Calabria. The salami is traditionally made with pork back fat, belly, shoulder, and spicy Calabrian peppers. This high in demand Nduja’s rich spicy flavors come from finely minced pork, salt, ground hot pepper and ground sweet pepper which is cured for a few weeks.

Nduja is the staple of the Calabrian diet for several years, so the spicy pork salumi has enjoyed international popularity. It is renowned and appreciated all over the world because of its sweet taste and unmistakable aroma.

Since mozzarella, Nduja spreadable salami is thought to be the greatest Italian food. Whether you are eating it with bread or pasta or as a pizza topping or any other kind of meal, you are sure to love the flavor and taste. You can also enjoy your meal with a quality wine alongside this quality product.