'Sicilia Memoritaly' - Handmade Jar Limoncello
'Sicilia' - Handmade Jar Limoncello
'Sicilia' - Handmade Jar Limoncello
'Sicilia Memoritaly' - Handmade Jar Limoncello
'Sicilia' - Handmade Jar Limoncello
'Sicilia' - Handmade Jar Limoncello

'Sicilia' - Handmade Jar Limoncello

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Free of artificial sugar, Sicilia – Handmade Jar Limoncello is a lemon liqueur with a bright lemon yellow color. It offers fine bitter notes of Sicily organic lemons and will always make anyone want to drink more because of its fresh lemon taste.

The silky soft textured limoncello is the best limoncello that everyone loves to taste. It is made with organic lemons of Sicily. No limoncello offers the fresh lemon taste and fine bitter notes on the palate as Sicilia – Handmade Jar Limoncello.
This intensely lemon-flavored Italian liqueur is perfect for any occasion – from birthday to marriage and any kind of party you can think of. It is sealed in a gorgeously hand-painted jar that brings you close to Sicily wherever you are in the world.
Not only is this lemon flavored liquor the best limoncello but the most affordable. It also comes with a gift pack, making it easy to gift it to anyone without hassle. Whenever you have Sicilia – Handmade Jar Limoncello beside you, you will never have a dull moment!

Handicraft product: 
forget the glass bottle to be thrown in the dumpster once you have finished your task. Each bottle is a unique piece of art, handmade and rich in history and culture.

the best Italian Limoncello, that of Sorrento, for that last touch of freshness that accompanies every meal.

each piece is handmade, as such contains within it a whole series of particularities that make your purchase truly unique and unrepeatable.

Made in Italy: 
there are many memories that the Bel Paese can give you, but the best and most fitting is always the food. Take a piece of the true Italian soul with you.
Reusable: pour into your personal bottle any liquid that can take the place of the limoncello, however difficult it may be!

The Gift Box contains:
N. 1 Orcio hand-painted by Vietrese artists (Sicilia Design) filled with delicious Sorrento Limoncello (Produced on the Amalfi Coast exclusively for Dolceterra from Gioia Luisa).
N. 2 Glasses hand-painted by Vietri artists.

W: 4.5” - H: 8” Contains: Limoncello of Sorrento 16.9 fl oz

Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy.
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