Italian Creams and Sauces Selection - ECCELLENZE DOLCETERRA

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Perfect in every occasion, Italian Creams, and Sauces Selection is a wonderful selection of beautifully refined Italian creams. With Porcini mushrooms, Asparagus, pumpkin and hot pepper perfectly blended together to deliver a delicious and flavourful sauce, you can tour Italy without leaving your kitchen.

Anyone can savor the taste of Italy with Italian Creams and Sauces Selection. To enjoy the taste of Italy made in your kitchen, just cook chicken and pasta and add this sauce for a refreshing, flavourful and delicious meal. It is gluten-free and hygienically created to meet selected ingredients standards.

This excellent sauce will not only save you the work of blending ingredients but put an aromatic and tasty meal on your table. Whatever the occasion; this sauce is the ultimate shortcut to create an excellent dish you and your friends or family are sure to love.

Once it is opened, be sure to keep it in the fridge.