Italian Creams and Sauces Collection - ECCELLENZE DOLCETERRA

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Italian Creams and Sauces Collection offers every home a chance to enjoy a sample of all the Italy traditional sauces in one refined selection. From Northern to Southern Italy, Dolceterra brings all the tastes and aroma of Italy in ten simple glass jars.

Italy is known for the best foods in the world that is why we bring to your kitchen the best and the most delicious palate twisting sauces in just one place. Sauces are the foundation of every cuisine; without them, one will be frustrated because the meal taste will not be special.

From hot pepper dressing, black olives, pumpkins, hot pepper, Asparagus, Porcini Mushroom, Pepperoni, Mediterranean sauce, Hot pepper to grilled vegetables, you can only watch your meal smell nicely and tastes excellent.

After a tough day at work, there is a need for a refreshing meal that is where Italian Creams and Sauces Collection come in. If you want to delight your palate in the morning, afternoon or evening, these are the must-have sauces for you.