Gift Box 'ITALIA' The New Elisir Limoncello of Sorrento

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'ITALIA' The New Elisir Limoncello of Sorrento with Special Christmas Box.

Because of its unmistakable shape, Italy is also known as the “Boot” of Europe.

It is fun to notice how the same shape of Italy makes it impossible to forget the beauty of the country, rich in history, culture, and traditions. That’s why so many Italians all over the World are so proud of their country, inspiring friends, and relatives with old stories and tales. People in Dolceterra truly believe that every memory is a treasure and even the smallest symbol is a genuine celebration of Italian culture. From this belief, we are proud to introduce our latest Dolceterra Limoncello of Sorrento, presented in a refined boot-shaped glass bottle. The most unmistakable taste has now a new unmistakable shape. 

Limoncello Dolceterra
The creation of Limoncello is based on traditional process utilizing advanced technologies that are of the highest standards found today. Automation has replaced the laborious hand peeling of lemons by devoted Sorrento women. During immersion, the alchemistical characteristics from the region’s exclusive volcanic soil are invoked as the magical transformation of Dolceterra Limoncello begins. Within a short period, the enhanced flavors of the special skins penetrate the simple alcohol. The process is natural yet very delicate.