Fusilli - VOIELLO
Fusilli - VOIELLO
Fusilli - VOIELLO
Fusilli - VOIELLO

Fusilli - VOIELLO

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Fusilli is designed to create a great link with each sauce. This pasta is made using one of the oldest Neapolitan methods and owes its name to the “spindle,” tool used by spinners. Fusilli is made by skilled hands that rolled the dough around a knitting needle in a hygienic environment.

Cooks within 13 minutes, this specially made pasta is versatile and can be used in almost any type of dish. It also perfects with all kind of sauce. But if you really want to enjoy it, tomato- and oil-based sauces are the best.

For a convenient and nutritious meal, you can pair Fusilli with one of the fresh sauces. It also gets married perfectly with roasted peppers. Let your guests know that you love and value them by preparing this excellently made pasta for them.

Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy.
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