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Fusilli is short, twist-shaped Italian pasta. Whether you are serving it with cream sauces, tomato sauces or any other sauces, the spiral-shaped pasta allows sauces and seasonings to enhance the dish. If you are looking for a marvelous pasta salad, Fusilli is the best.

Most people also like to serve Fusilli with halved fresh baby plum tomatoes, chili, chopped garlic and warm sauce of white crab meat. You also won’t mind sprinkling it with crispy lardons/bacon bits as well as fresh parsley/basil/coriander.

You don’t necessarily need to break a bank before eating like a king because Fusilli already give you a chance to enjoy a royal meal without spending a fortune.

It is time to surprise your family member with a meal that will satisfy their desire for a good meal. Prepare Fusilli for your family or guests today and put a smile on their face.