Fresh Prete - Priest to be Cooked

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Fresh prete – priest to be cooked is triangular shape salami with excellent aroma and great taste. You may be wondering why the shape is triangular; the shape is reminiscing the old priest’s hat. This delicious sausage is mostly served with vegetable or tomato sauces, mashed potato and a good Lambrusco.

Made from the rind from pig shoulder and the shoulder muscle, the aromatic and delicious salami is seasoned with salt, herbs, garlic, and peppercorns. This sausage is in great demand around the world not only because of its aroma and deliciousness, but because it is made with premium pork meat and natural ingredients.

Once you remove the plastic covering Fresh prete – priest to be cooked, put it in a pot and pour cold water on it. Let it remain in the water for 10 hours to make sure the rind is soft. Then cook it slowly for about 4 hours. It is that simple! Pop your toothpick in Fresh prete – priest to be cooked and delight your palate.