Finissimo Mandorlato

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A sweet delight of pure vintage elegance

When it comes to a story of few ingredients the highest quality cannot remain unnoticed. Rich in nourishing almonds, luscious acacia honey, fresh egg whites and fine white sugar, Finissimo Mandorlato is a delight of high nutritional value and delicate aromas. Yet the secrete to its unfading popularity over time is its irresistibly balanced chewiness keeping it popular over generations. Respecting the great history of Mandorlato, going back to the 18th century in the region of Cologna Veneta, Dolceterra has selected only the best to introduce you to this exquisite delight. Operating since the late '70s, the workshop of Finissimo Mandorlato from Cologna Veneta has established its name in the evolution of the confection the way it is known today, as a manufacturer of excellence. The secret lies in the highest quality, the ideal proportions and the baking techniques developed through the years by the fine creativity and devotion of the skilled Cologna Veneta confectioners.

Best way to enjoy:

Finissimo Mandorlato is the perfect pair to offer with a good wine. Add it, for a sophisticated touch, in a wine basket and surprise your loved ones. In Italy, Mandorlato is enjoyed all year round, but holds a special part in the Christmas tradition enjoyed in every home the most festive season of the year!