Dolceterra's Giardiniera with Italian Salami

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These Italian pickled vegetables are the perfect, crisp sandwich topper, Italian starters with salami and more!
Dolceterra Italian Giardiniera is a great condiment made with mixed vegetables like cauliflower, pepperoni, onion, and carrots that are pickled with spices, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Usually served as a condiment, side dish, or mixed into salads and Italian starters with salami.

Without citric acid, preservatives and sulfurous, Dolceterra's Giardiniera preserves intact all the taste of freshly picked vegetables from the garden.
Versatile,  Dolceterra's Giardiniera can be used to enrich salads, especially rice, it is good as a side dish and is used to prepare special dishes with salami, Grilled polenta, pink pig, steamed shrimp and chicken dishes.