Dolceterra Collection: Salami Apulia 6 artisan-made

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One of the worst aspects of cooking is having to make a choice. How is it possible, in fact, to opt for a single delicacy when many others are worthy of the same attention?
This dilemma affects our meals, our expenses, our trips with friends... our life.
Imagine that you want to invite your loved ones to have dinner at your place: you have prepared a couple of bottles of excellent wine, bread, and appetizers, but you do not have the meat.

A salami? Excellent choice, but which one? There are so many to choose from, hundreds of flavors that tell stories and traditions.
Apulia is a region of excellence, so opt for one of the Apulian cold cuts, to impress your guests.
Perhaps the Sottilina, with its long-line figure, has a sweet taste that attracts children. Or the stronger taste of the Bacon as opposed to the classic Soppressata, with its typical flattened shape?
The choices are endless, you may want to enhance the bread with the spread sausage or delight the palates with small bites of pork.

In short, it is easy to understand that it is not simple to choose one rather than the other, each person has different tastes and we certainly do not want to ruin a possible dinner!
​So what do we do? Dolceterra has selected the best cold cuts from Apulia and has an exclusive collaboration with the Salcuno salami factory in order to offer you a unique collection of flavors, all in a single package that will satisfy the palates of all the people gathered around the table.

Because we spend the best moments of our lives in the dining room, with memories marked by flavors and smells. And this pack of cold cuts has all the requisites to become a beautiful memory after making the present special.