Dolceterra Cheese 'Taste of Italy 01'

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A great selection of fine and tasty Italian cheeses selected by Dolceterra in Italy.

Few foods represent the Italian tradition of good food as much as cheeses. They are appetizers, with Pecorino Toscano DOP that accompanies a chopping board of cold cuts on which is laid a thin layer of honey, first courses with Caciotta and smoked Scamorza that are so well matched to every course and, why not, main courses and desserts.  Whether you want to try a burst of flavor with the spicy Provolone or with the Asiago DOP or conclude the meal with a glass of rosato and a touch of Monte Veronese, in this selection you will find one of the most complete and tasty dishes of cheese available, so you can be ready for any occasion at the table.

A good cheese is not only tasty but also involves the whole sensorial sphere... we are talking about the Monte Veronese: soft at the touch, the smell reminds of fresh milk and freshly cut grass. A unique experience of its kind before it reaches the tongue. Only then you will taste the flavor of milk, cream and butter, the most genuine soul of the cheese, which will melt in your mouth.

After having tried the gentleness of cow's cheese, switch to the sweet but tasty taste of sheep's cheese, with Tuscan Pecorino. Alternate between cheeses, wines and courses to create a harmony that can only be heard among the guests on your table.

As the writer, George R. R. Martin says: "Give me a good sharp knife and a good cheese to cut and I will be a happy man."

It Contains Cheeses:

  • Smoked Scamorza with Il Forteto a pasta filata;
  • Pecorino Toscano DOP il Forteto;
  • Spicy Provolone DOP;
  • Asiago DOP aged 12 months;
  • Smoked Caciotta Latteria Lessinia;
  • Monte Veronese DOP.