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Salted and spiced with chili pepper, Diavoletti are spicy sausages without colorants or preservatives. Diavoletti provides you with the natural pleasure of chili, nicely blended with pure pork meat. These excellent sausages are sweet and perfect for anyone who appreciates a great taste.

The lean meat sausage is made from selected Italian pork which has been salted, minced and stuffed into natural casings and undergone necessary maturation. Diavoletti is perfect for both young and old, with exception of babies and people allergic to the ingredients.

This spicy sausage is recommended to store in a cool and dry place and you can store it for 180 days. Whether you are looking for a great sausage for lunch or dinner, Diavoletti is the perfect sausage for you. The taste will surely tickle your palate!