"Cordivino" Amarone Infused Salami

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“Cordivino" Amarone Infused Salami is small size salami with the intense body, nice aroma, and sweet taste. This sausage is particularly special because of its viacea color which makes it look attractive and delicious. Even if you are not a fan of pork meat, this tasty salami will make you want to eat pork meat every day.

You just have to taste this sausage to see how sweet it is. Not only is “Cordivino" Amarone Infused Salami sweet, but its aroma is also attractive and will fill your mouth with a nice aroma. Wherever you are, this salami will lighten up your mood.

Don’t go to work or that beach without “Cordivino" Amarone Infused Salami because you will surely need it. Everyone deserves an excellent sausage; make sure you make your family and friends happy today by giving them this tasty salami. You can combine it with any wine you love. Roll out the plate, slice your salami and delight your palate!