Ciliegino Tomato Sauce - AGROMONTE

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Ciliegino Tomato Sauce is an original and sweet tomato sauce, made exclusively from the famous Ciliegino cherry tomatoes grown in Ragusa, Sicily. Anyone can make a classic Italian cuisine that is light, simple and tasty with this Ciliegino Tomato Sauce and enjoy the taste of cherry tomatoes and basil from the land of Sicily.

Only the first choice ingredients with traditional taste are used to produce this natural sauce. The natural ingredients make it a sauce low in acid content, which is why it’s the choice of many people around the world. The sweet taste of cherry tomatoes makes it a sauce popular among children and adults.

The sauce is nicely packed in a small bottle to preserve its fresh aroma, flavor, and taste. With cherry tomatoes, carrot, celery, sugar, extra virgin olive oil salt, and basil packed in one place, you are sure to enjoy Ciliegino Tomato Sauce in all your dishes.