"Caprino with Traminer Wine" - Latteria Perenzin

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One of the most interesting and award winning Italian cheeses; a drunken cheese made with goat’s milk coming from the North of Italy, treated with organic Traminer grapes from Trentino Alto Adige: it reveals a delicate and scented aroma …

Drunken cheeses were inspired by the custom, born centuries ago, of hiding
cheese in fermenting grape marc to conceal it from
plunderers during wars or from the land owner during
the official tally of goods at the end of the year with the farmers.

Moreover, in some ancient manuscripts written by Giovanni Barpo, a clerk from Belluno town (north of Italy), there already are references to cheese treated with grape marc on the surface in order to obtain a better preservation of the whole wheel. Grape marc coming from red wine in fact is rich in tannin, a natural preservative.

Today, with the current production
process, the cheese wheel is steeped in grape
marc for 10-15 days, then it is dried and after a brief maturation period in vacuum-packing it is ready for tasting.