Asiago Cheese "Trugole" 90 days Aged
Asiago Cheese "Trugole" 90 days Aged
Asiago Cheese "Trugole" 90 days Aged
Asiago Cheese "Trugole" 90 days Aged

Asiago Cheese "Trugole" 90 days Aged

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Asiago Cheese "Trugole" 90 days Aged 1.10 lb. Trugole is an Italian cheese originating from the mountainous region of Asiago where the altitude and lush meadows provide excellent pastures for the cows to develop their milk. Produced as a cow's milk cheese, Trugole is formed into washed-rind wheels weighing from one to six pounds. The cheese is allowed to mature for two to three months. During this aging process, it develops a straw-colored semi-firm paste that has a mild fruity flavor.

Trugole is an excellent cheese for snacking, for serving with crusty breads, or for melting over various dishes.

Enjoy a little sunshine from Italy.
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