Art Dolceterra Collection Chopping Boards

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Made with ecologically clean wood with a beautiful Dolceterra logo engraved, Art Dolceterra Collection Chopping Board is gorgeously designed to not only improve the look of your kitchen but make slicing items easy for you. The lower part of one side of the board is engraved allowing you to use both sides for chopping and cutting.

Whether you are buying it for your home use, bridal shower or wedding gift, this gorgeously designed chopping board is designed for all chopping and cutting purposes. Each board is professionally constructed from multiple strips of lumber to ensure it is durable and always ready when you need it.

Each of Art Dolceterra Collection Chopping Board is covered with beeswax and impregnated with mineral oil to ensure it is always shining. Applying a modern twist, we used off-angle tapered edges that make our cutting boards stand out and easy to handle. With Art Dolceterra Collection Chopping Boards, you can cut with confidence.