Acetaia Malpighi - Traditional Balsamic Vinegar 50+ Years

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Aged over 50 years! Malpighi Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is obtained from crushed grape-must which is cooked, matured through slow acetification, deriving from natural fermentation and progressive concentration, and through lengthy aging in a series of small barrels of different kinds of wood, with no addition of aromatic substances. It is of a rich, glossy dark colour, its characteristic DENSITY is shown in its correct, smooth, flowing syrupiness.

It has a characteristic and complex, penetrating BOQUET with evident, but agreeable and balanced, acidity. Its traditional an inimitable FLAVOUR is a delicate balance between sweet and sour, full-flavored and sapid with velvety undertones. Taste this aged 50 year old family balsamic vinegar from Modena, and you’ll think you’ve arrived at the gates of balsamic heaven.

There are only 100 bottles produced each year and we have secured a small percentage of this years supply.

Each bottle is protected in a wooden box that includes a booklet that describes the balsamic making process, a signed card from the producer with a lot number for each bottle, and a hand-blown glass dropper for serving this most precious and extraordinary tasting vinegar. This well-aged balsamic vinegar has a luxuriously thick viscosity to it with a color that is velvety-rich and dark. With the very first taste you’ll discover the flavors are as mysterious and complex as were the barrels used in the aging process.

Try this balsamic vinegar as an accompaniment to vegetables, drizzled over meats, fish, duck, game, wild bird, ice cream, berries, fruit, or savored as an after-dinner digestive.