Mountain Speck Alto Adige

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Mountain Speck Alto Adige is an excellence of the Italian mountains, which is subjected to a code of conduct that controls the production. It is a high-quality pork ham seasoned with salt, garlic, and irresistible aroma. This delicious sausage is the most tasteful and valued Italian cold cut that will not only delight your taste bud but make you want to eat more of it.

Mountain Speck Alto Adige is the heart of South Tyrol, where there are many rivers, solar light, pure air, and mountains. Its unique and elegant qualities make it one of the widely consumed sausages. Don’t mistake it for any other pork meat from Italy; it is the best.

If you are looking for the most delicious food for lunch or dinner, Mountain Speck Alto Adige is the real deal because it offers you the real irresistible taste of the mountains. Grab your knife, slice it and pop in the toothpick!