Mortadella Bologna IGP

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Mortadella Bologna IGP is a masterpiece of Italian cuisine with no milk derivatives, gluten or polyphosphates. It is an excellent Italian sausage that combines the rigid IGP standard with the traditional Bolognese recipe. The pork meat is carefully selected and small cubes of fat are nicely added to it to give it a delicious taste.

Mortadella Bologna IGP requires that a certain production process is followed. When producing our Mortadella Bologna IGP, we followed the rules imposed by the regulatory body strictly. It is perfectly flavored with grounded black pepper, pistachios and myrtle berries to produce a taste that delights your taste bud.

Whether you are serving it for lunch or dinner, you are going to love the flavor and taste. It is not only delicious but offers great nutritional values. Make your day count with Mortadella Bologna IGP!