Guanciale Norcia - Peppered (Whole)

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Guanciale Norcia – Peppered is the best cured unsmoked Italian pig cheek with the greatest taste. Made from the cheek of the pig and nicely seasoned with pepper, Guanciale Norcia is the best salami you can eat any time of the day. If you are looking for something special for your family and friend, this is the perfect chop for you.

The city of Norcia is famous for producing the best pork in Italy that is why this peppered Guanciale Norcia is the best for you. Hygienically made with pepper sprinkled all over it to bring you the flavor of peppered pork bacon, this great salami will delight your taste bud.

Wherever you are, you can enjoy Guanciale Norcia – Peppered. And if you want to enjoy it more, make sure you have your friends or partner around. After all, we all enjoy anything more when we share with someone special to us. Whether you are at home, beach or at work, you can grab a Guanciale Norcia and enjoy.