Tagliatelle con Tartufo - LA PASTA DI ALDO

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Tagliatelle con Tartufo is a culinary hit, even if you don’t serve it with anything other than a sprinkling of finely matured cheese and a little butter. Its appealing aftertaste will satisfy your desire for a great meal.

The Tagliatelle con Tartufo cooks in just 4 minutes and does not get pulped when passed in the pan. If you desire a good dish, its never intrusive truffle and attractive aftertaste will satisfy you.

It is also nutritious because it is made with 32% egg, durum wheat semolina, salt, summer truffle, and truffle flavors. You don’t need a long time to cook a delicious and royal meal - Tagliatelle con Tartufo will surely delight your palate.